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Moringa is Your Source of All Essential Amino Acids

Today we’re bringing you Part 2 of our Amino Acid series and our topic is Essential Amino Acids.  Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins that help energize the body and maintain all cellular function. Essential amino acids are those that our bodies cannot produce on their own but our indispensible to our health.  Therefore, we must get them from food sources.

One of the very best ways to get all amino acids, including all nine essential amino acids, is with Moringa.  As we discussed last month, Moringa is a whole food phyto-nutrient source of amino acids.  Having a balance of amino acids in your daily diet helps your body operate at its best.  But essential amino acids are most important because food is the only way for our bodies to get them.  Beyond Moringa, additional sources of essential amino acids include poultry, beef, milk and other dairy products, beans and nuts.

Today we’re examining what each of the nine essential amino acids are and what they do for our bodies:

Histidine:  Histimine is the decarboxylation of the amino acid histidine.  Histimine resides in body tissue, especially concentrating in the lungs. It helps regulate blood pressure through dilation of capillaries, increases the heart rate as the body deems necessary, contrasts muscles including those that support the lungs and aids in the digestion and excretion.

Moringa Source Moringa CapsulesIsoleucine and Leucine:  These amino acids are similar in make-up and are vital to the structure and function of proteins.  Proteins build and support every bodily system, muscles, organs, tissues, cells and blood.  When broken down, both isoleucine and leucine can produce energy.

Lysine:  Also known as L-lysine, this essential amino acid helps growth and development through collagen and carnitine, which converts fatty acids into usable energy.  It also helps the body absorb calcium, helps to lower cholesterol and may help treat viral infections.

Methionine:  With antioxidant-like properties, methionine can help the body defend against foreign substances and free radicals. It also helps produce important proteins and hormones that maintain a healthy metabolism and stabilize nerves and blood pressure when the body is faced with potential stressors.

Phenylanlanine:  Tyrosine is the biproduct of phenylanlanine and is an important element for cognition, mood, memory and other behaviors controlled by the brain.  It’s a natural mood elevator and may help prevent degenerative brain conditions and chronic pain.

Threonine:  Attribute healthy bones, teeth and strong immune systems to this essential amino acid.  Additionally, Threonine helps muscular and tissue functions because it is high in collagen and elastin.  It also supports neural health.

Tryptophan:  The key ingredient in making serotonin, tryptophan is known to help elevate and regulate mood.  In some cases it can cause drowsiness as well.  Tryptophan is converted into 5-HTP and then serotonin upon digestion.  Serotonin helps transmit messages between nerve cells and narrows blood vessels.

Valine:  This amino acid stimulates muscle growth and boosts energy by supplying extra glucose to muscles and blood, especially during physical activity.  It also aids the nervous system and brain function, in addition to supporting the immune system.

Ensure you are getting all of your essential amino acids by taking your daily dose of Moringa!

4 Reasons Why Kids Should Go Back-to-School with Moringa

When kids go back to school in the fall, parents everywhere want them to be in tip-top shape for every exciting part of their new year.  In addition to academics, there are so many new things to learn and do:  sports teams, clubs, social bonding, school plays, field trips, and the list goes on.

Make sure your kids are ready for all this school year has in store by giving them the best nutrition to nourish their minds and bodies for excellence.  Here are four reasons why you should serve your kids Moringa for a great year:

Moringa Boosts Immune Systems

During the first few months of school, pediatrician offices, hospitals and Dr. Moms, beware!  From desks and handrails, to gym equipment and computer labs, germs are flying everywhere and being passed around schools like a game of hot potato.  And of course many sicknesses often get passed around the household to parents and other siblings too.  What can be done about these nasty back-to-school bugs?  Boost your tot’s immune system with Moringa so they are better able to fight off illnesses before they attack with noticeable symptoms.  Moringa is chock full of kidsVitamin C and other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that elevate the immune system.  Less sick days means more learning and we give that an A+.

Moringa Heightens Energy

Kids seem to have a lot of energy naturally…and so does Moringa!  With over 90 phyto-nutrients, Moringa helps sustain energy all day long.  Moringa is a whole food and has the nutrition little bodies need to stay active and engaged, including protein and amino acids that support all functions of the body.  Plus keeping the body satisfied for longer and blood sugar levels stable with a formula or protein, carbs, fiber and a touch of fat will allow kids to spend more time learning and playing without craving sugary snacks and sodas for energy.

Moringa Improves Cognition

Moringa not only energizes the body, but also the mind.  It’s hard work for kids to concentrate for hours upon hours at school.  But when their bodies are fueled with brain-boosting nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids needed for neurotransmission, and a range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, students are better able to focus and learn.  In fact, these nutrients can improve memory, problem solving skills and sharpen the mind for better clarity in an educational environment.  Plus, Moringa contains nutrients like iron that oxygenates blood, which ensures the brain is powered throughout the school day.


Moringa Supports Growth and Development

Lifelong health is often dictated at a young age, on both a physical and habitual level.  When children get good nutrition in their early childhood, they are more likely to grow and develop properly and are less likely to get sick and contract diseases.  Moreover, research shows that teaching children healthful eating habits during youth translates to a healthier diet and lifestyle into adulthood.

As most parents know, kids have a discerning pallet and making headstrong children eat something they don’t like is near impossible.  But with Moringa Powder as your secret superfood, you can make tons of meals they already love more nutritious.  If Mac n Cheese is your kids favorite dish, mix some Moringa Powder into the cheese sauce.  Smoothies are even more wholesome with a scoop of Moringa Powder.  And Moringa Powder will go undetectable in casseroles, soups and sauces while adding a nourishing punch to many meals.  With 4 times the calcium in milk, 3 times the potassium in bananas, 7 times the vitamin C in oranges and 3 times the iron in spinach, Moringa contains a garden of nutrients your kids may not choose to eat otherwise. Lifelong health is often dictated at a young age, on both a physical and habitual level.  When children get good nutrition in their early childhood, they are more likely to grow and develop properly and are less likely to get sick and contract diseases.  Moreover, research shows that teaching children healthful eating habits during youth translates to a healthier diet and lifestyle into adulthood.


What are you waiting for?  Arm your family with Moringa as a superfood weapon for a great school year!


Risk Factors for Cancer + Moringa Support for Fighting Inflammation and Free Radicals

October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention Month and also a time when we should all evaluate risk factors for any type of cancer.  Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U.S. and is a top cause of death in many other developed countries as well.  While there is not yet a cure for cancer, there are some common causes and risk factors that we should all know and try to avoid to protect our health.  Plus there are some extra measures we can take to boost ourselves from cell damage, such as taking daily supplements of anti-inflammatory and free radical fighting all-natural superfoods like Moringa.

The first step to eradicating a disease like cancer is raising awareness for what may cause it.  Once we have the knowledge of the activities and behaviors in our lives that may be risky, we are then armed with the responsibility to make good choices for ourselves and our families.  So we’re breaking down the proven risk factors and the potential risk factors of cancer.

chart-riskfactorsThree known risk factors for cancer are use of tobacco, radiation and infections.  As most of us know, tobacco is dangerous because of its content of the chemical nicotine.  Cigarette smoking alone accounts for 30% of cancer deaths, not to mention other forms of tobacco use including cigar and pipe smoking, as well as chewing tobacco.  Radiation from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, radon gas, or in some cases through x-rays, is known to cause skin and many other types of cancer.  Lastly, infections, many of which are preventative, are a known risk factor for cancer, including HPV and Hepatitis.

Several other risk factors may be risk factors of cancer, including diet, alcohol consumption, physical activity and obesity, and environmental risks such as air pollution and water contamination.  While studies have not proven that these lifestyle choices absolutely can lead to cancer, some research indicates that these are risky behaviors.  Diets high in fat, calories, red meats and alcohol may be dangerous, while diets high in fiber, vegetables and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory superfoods may reduce the risk of cancer.  Regular exercise is recommended for healthy bodies and is linked to helping prevent almost every disease.  Diet and exercise are hand-in-hand in another believed risk factor of cancer, obesity.  When the body is working overtime to pump blood through an obese body, the risk of many diseases and illnesses is increased.

Not all cancer is traceable and some factors that may contribute to a cancer diagnosis are genetic and out of our control.  But we do have the ability to protect ourselves in many ways, including: not smoking or using tobacco products; using sun block and avoiding excessive sun exposure, protecting ourselves against risky diseases, especially those transmitted sexually; eating a well-balanced diet low in saturated fats; exercising at least five times a week; maintaining a healthy weight; not consuming excessive alcohol; and avoiding air and water pollution as much as possible.

starter_pack_2Additionally, we can empower our bodies to put up defense barriers against cancer.  Our goal should be to build ourselves up as strong as possible, including having a knock-out immune system to help us fight free radicals and prevent dangerous inflammation that can lead to cancer.  This means filling our plates with amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods, such as colorful berries, cruciferous vegetables, fish, beans, nuts and whole grains.

Whether we’re eating all of the antioxidants we should or not, reducing risk of cancer also means supplementing with superfoods that will ensure our bodies remain in excellent condition, like Moringa.  Not only is Moringa one of the most nutritious superfoods in the world, Moringa Source’s Moringa was found to have the highest antioxidant content of any food in an independent test.  And unlike synthetic multi-vitamins and other supplements, Moringa is a whole food, like something you would put on your plate, only taken in a different format.

Use this month to evaluate your own lifestyle.  Know the risk factors and ask yourself if you are partaking in activities or consuming substances that put you at risk for cancer.  Then do something about it.  You may not be able to make every change at once, but set goals to improve your health.  Start with the easiest step of all, open a bottle of Moringa capsules today so your body can start its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory cancer defense immediately.