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Give the Gift of an Immune Boost, A Moringa Boost

We’re all working on our holiday gift lists and trying to decide what our friends and family may wish for most this holiday season.  We have an idea: give the gift of health, wellness, an immune boost and overall natural energy.  To find this treasure of a gift, look no further than Moringa.

Moringa is hailed as an excellent natural immune-boosting plant because of its variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that support healthy cellular function and protection.  From ancient African herbal remedies to the World Health Organization, Moringa is an undeniable resource for sustained health and wellness.  This holiday season, we can’t think of a better gift than that.

Ok, ok, we admit, opening a package of Moringa may not be as thrilling as getting a new car, flat screen TV or awesome watch.  But when it comes to the health and wellbeing of those you love, it will probably last a lot longer.  More than all the “stuff” we unwrap over the holidays, the gift of longevity and wellness – of getting to spend time together year-after-year – is most important of all.

starter_pack_2Moringa has a powerful affect on our health, and especially the immune system, because it is chock-full of over 90 bio-nutrients that our bodies crave.  When we consume proper nutrition in our diet and through all-natural supplements, we are giving ourselves the best chance of fighting off germs and foreign substances that try to drag us down.  All of the best immune-boosting nutrients are baked right into Moringa by Mother Nature herself.  That’s why Moringa is known as “The Miracle Tree,” because it has a miraculous impact on health.

Antioxidants are nature’s best defense against free radicals that wreak havoc on cells.  Moringa is an incredible source of nearly 40 antioxidants that support the immune system.  The three most important of these are vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene.  Additionally, the antioxidants zinc and selenium help immune health too.  If you guessed that Moringa is packed with all five of these antioxidants, you’d be absolutely correct!

Each of these antioxidants plays a part in boosting your immune system:  Vitamin C triggers antibodies that are the body’s army against foreign invaders.  Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals so they will not damage cells.  Beta-carotene enhances immune cell function, which can help prevent cancer and other chronic diseases.  Zinc is essential for the proper function of the immune system and helps heal injuries and wounds.  Selenium reduces inflammation and improves immune response, especially against certain pathogens.

Remember, your immune system isn’t just around to ward off colds and the flu.  Its roll is much larger than that.  A strong immune system is vital in keeping diseases and health problems at bay.  That’s everything from cancer and heart disease, to skin, bone and muscle conditions.  Every organ, every tissue, every cell is dependent on your internal security force, your immune system, to protect the safety of its functions.

As you prepare your holiday gift list, add Moringa nutritional products for those you love.  Treat their them to that car, TV and watch too, but supplement with Moringa for a happy holiday season and a healthy and bright New Year!

Moringa: The Master Superfood of Conditional Amino Acids

Amino acids are as vital as water to our bodies.  They combine to form proteins that manage every bodily function, growth and development, tissue repair and the break down of food for nutrients and energy.  Without them, life could not be sustained.

Moringa Source Moringa CapsulesAs we’ve discussed in our multi-part amino acid series, there are three types of amino acids:  essential amino acids, nonessential amino acids and conditional amino acids.  Today we’re exploring the importance of conditional amino acids.  This sub-category of amino acids are usually nonessential, except when the body experiences stress and sickness.  Then we cannot process them on our own and must find them in food sources, like Moringa.  Moringa is what we like to call a “complete amino acid superfood,” meaning it contains all 23 amino acids.  Whether you can synthesize them or not, in sickness and in health, Moringa is a fantastic resource for ensuring your body has all life-sustaining amino acids.

Here’s an overview of how the eight conditional amino acids support our bodies:

Arginine:  Heart health and blood flow are dependent on nitric oxide, which is made from arginine.  Nitric oxide regulates the expansion and contraction of blood vessels to keep blood flowing regularly. It is especially helpful for those with heart conditions, erectile dysfunction and vascular headaches.

Cysteine: With strong antioxidant properties, cysteine helps detoxify cells and protect against free radicals.  It is also a catalyst for many metabolic processes.  Cysteine is one of the amino acids that includes the element sulfer.

Glutamine:  As the most abundant amino acid in the body, glutamine helps strengthen the immune system and is required for digestion and brain activity.  It also detoxifies cells by removing ammonia waste.  Because our bodies need a lot of glutamine, supplements are often required when someone undergoes stress, injuries, infections or surgery.

Tyrosine:  This amino acid produces another amino acid, phenylalanine, which is responsible for making neurotransmitters for brain communication and mood regulators.  Additionally tyrosine helps produce and essential hormones like those from the thyroid, pituitary and adrenal.  And Tyrosine also makes melanin, which dictates skin pigment.

Glycine:  Glycine is both an amino acid and a neurotransmitter.  It helps create and distribute signals from the brain throughout the body.  It is useful for memory and maintaining a healthy mental state.

Ornithine:  The urea cycle is dependent on the amino acid ornithine.  In the urea cycle, the liver converts toxic ammonia waste into urea that is then eliminated by the kidneys.  Ornithine helps the kidneys detoxify the body.  With less toxins, the body has more energy.

Proline:  Helpful in reducing risk of heart disease, proline is believed to prevent the build-up of deposits in artery walls.  This keeps blood flowing smoothly throughout the body.  Additionally, it helps synthesize collagen, which keeps skin more supple to reduce the signs of aging.

Serine:  Supporting mental and physical health, serine plays a big roll in the central nervous system.  Among other functions, it helps makes phospholipids for cells, creates RNA and DNA, and contributes to immune and metabolic function.  Serine is part of brain formation, including neurotransmission and mood.

So there you have it!  We’ve laid out the significance of all 23 amino acids, all of which are found in Moringa.  Whether essential, nonessential or conditional, we hope you take advantage of this “complete amino acid superfood” for your health and wellbeing.

Moringa Tea: The Healthy Way to Warm Up, and Spice Up, This Season

Not much is cozier than curling up with a cup of warm tea on a brisk fall or winter’s day.  And guess what?  When you make it Moringa tea, not much could be healthier either!  With our newest fall flavors – pumpkin spice, orange cranberry and spiced apple – in addition to our other delectable flavored USDA Certified Organic Moringa Teas – lemon, pomegranate, chai and natural – you can warm your taste buds and fuel your body with delicious, powerful nutrients all at once.

Sip-by-sip, Moringa tea offers a cup full of over 90 body-craving bio-nutrients.  Unlike other standard teas and especially unlike coffee, Moringa tea soaks up the phenomenal vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories of one of the most nutritious superfoods on the planet.  The benefits of Moringa are almost too numerous to count, but among them are amazing ways to improve your health and wellness today and every day in your future.

tea-flavors-real-images_copyWithout caffeine, Moringa is an all-natural source of energy.  Wondering how that is possible?  More than stimulants, our bodies want to produce energy from pure nutrition.  The better the nutritional source, the better the energy.  Moringa combines some of the most energy-effective nutrients.  These include magnesium, which is responsible for over 300 chemical reactions in the body, iron, which oxygenates blood to keep energy flowing through the body and all 23 amino acids that make up proteins which control cellular function, to name a few.  Plus, Moringa is perfectly formulated by nature with a balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates and fiber to keep the body satiated with top-of-the-line nutrients.  When we feel full and satisfied, our bodies remain energized and focused.

Additionally, Moringa is a terrific source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.  Along with a host of other vitamins and minerals, these nutrients boost the immune system and fight cancer-causing free radicals to protect our bodies against illness and disease.  Moringa is also known to help stabilize blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels, as well as increase mental clarity and emotional balance.

On top of the wonderful health benefits of Moringa, you can now get your seasonal fix of scrumptious flavors with our USDA Certified Organic Moringa Tea collection.  As apple trees are ripe with delicious juicy apples, our spiced apple Moringa tea brings the orchard to your mug.  When gourds are abounding and pumpkin pies and breads are filling our bellies, you can enjoy our pumpkin spice Moringa tea.  And nothing says fall like combining fresh flavors of the season, such as our orange-cranberry Moringa tea.

With our fall flavors, Moringa tea is ideal for the entire family.  It’s a naturally caffeine-free whole food brought to your cup directly from nature.  We use no fillers or chemicals in procuring and processing our Moringa tea.  Just the goodness of Moringa as nature intended, now including some all-natural flavors to spice up your season.  Try serving Moringa spiced apple tea instead of sugary apple cider.  Or rather than getting a sugar-pumped pumpkin latte, grab a bag of pumpkin spice Moringa tea.  Your taste buds will enjoy those familiar sensations while your body enjoys a huge nutritional boost!

Cheers to a season full of health, warmth, happiness and Moringa tea!