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The Best Snacks to Boost Energy and Satisfy Longer

When you need a pick-me-up snack, the worst thing you can do for your body is grab sugar.  As attractive as it may taste, sugary snacks give you momentary satisfaction by spiking your blood glucose; then as quickly as it came up, it will go back down again.  And worse, sugar can leave you lethargic and craving more sugar because your snack offered no nutritional value to satisfy your system.

Resist the temptation for sugar and go for snacks high in fiber, protein and nutritious carbohydrates.  These healthy, energy-boosting alternatives will keep you satisfied longer because they are more complex to digest and metabolize – that means more productivity in your day and less overall calories and fat in your diet.  Um, who doesn’t want that?  We thought you’d agree.  Check out our faves here:

Go Nuts for Nuts:  These small but powerful gifts from nature have the trifecta for sustaining energy and feeling satisfied – protein, fiber and unsaturated fat.  Just a handful of almonds, peanuts, walnuts or pistachios can keep your stomach full and put the pep back in your step.

apples_courtesy of moraitis.comHappily Appley:  Eating apples before meals has shown to reduce caloric intake throughout the day.  The fiber and water combo in apples, as well as some other fabulous nutrients, is almost like an appetite suppressant.

Jumping Beans:  Small but mighty, beans are a great source of fiber, protein, trace minerals and B vitamins.  Beans fit perfectly in a variety of spaces in your diet – salads, soups and pastas to name a few.  Pureed bean dips like black bean dip or hummus make easy snacks that you can pair with whole grain crackers or raw veggies.

“Berry” Healthy Berries:  High in fiber as well as tons of vitamins your body craves, berries like blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are a pop-able and portable snack for any time of day.  Combine them with some lowfat cheese for a fiber and protein duet.

popcorn_courtesy of kiwimagonlinePop it Up:  Believe it or not, air-popped popcorn is super fibrous so it helps maintain an even blood sugar level and helps the body feel full.  Not just a movie-time snack, popcorn is terrific on-the-go.  Try flavoring it with an olive oil cooking spray and a variety of seasonings to spice things up.

Avocado:  With good-for-you fats and lots of fiber, avocados are a superfood you’ll want in your diet.  Studies have shown that eating half an avocado can help you feel more satisfied and have less desire to snack.  Spread it on whole wheat toast or scoop up some guacamole with brown rice crackers for a delicious and nutritious snack.

moringa-powder_1More Moringa Please:  Moringa is one of nature’s most perfectly balanced foods.  With a touch of fat, fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, it is the top of the food chain when it comes to nutrition.  When the body’s nutritional needs are met, you feel satisfied and you can mentally and physically perform at your best.  Beyond taking a daily dose of Moringa capsules, adding Moringa extract to your water bottle is an excellent way to create your own energy drink.  Drinking plenty of water before meals helps fill you up so you reach the point of satiation faster without consuming unnecessary calories.

Eight Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp + Moringa for Mental Focus

As we age, we slowly start to notice weakness in parts of our bodies.  Perhaps our vision isn’t as good as it once was.  Maybe we experience occasional joint or back pain.  Sometimes we notice wrinkles or sagging where we wish it wasn’t.  But when we notice the aging process in our mental abilities, getting older becomes quite real and often scary.

There are many mysteries of brain function, but science has shown that there are several ways to keep our brains sharp and our mental focus on track.  Some of these are ways to clear space in our heads for thinking, learning and memory.  Others are active measures we can take to improve agility and clarity.  Check out our suggestions for the best ways to keep your brain in tip-top shape:

Continue Learning with All of your Senses

Whether through a job, hobby or simply reading, life-long learning is key to maintaining a sharp mind.  Studies show that incorporating as many senses as possible into your learning process will improve your capacity, speed and retention of information.  Experiencing new data with multiple senses is common practice as children learn new things, but we often forget to do it as adults.  Try adding sensations, odors or tastes to your next learning adventure for a more meaningful and long-lasting memory.

exercise_courtesy of memorise.orgExercise

Exercise keeps your body and your mind young.  You may not see your brain toning, but you’ll probably notice the results.  Regular aerobic exercise can increase the areas of the brain that control memory.  By pumping oxygen throughout the blood, we’re also delivering nutrients to our brain cells, fueling our minds more than with sedentary activities.  So power up your body and flex that brain as well!

Repetition and Timing

Reinforcing information is essential to remembering it.  Repeating a thought in your mind, saying it out loud or writing it down are all ways of strengthen memories.  But be sure to space out the repetition.  Rather than using the “cram for an exam” method of learning something new, practice the information over increasingly longer periods of time to master it.

Tease the Brain

Doing mental exercises such as crossword puzzles, interactive board games or “brain games” may help us retain brain cells and interaction between cells.  By using your brain in different ways from your daily thought patterns, you’re challenging yourself to think differently and use new areas of your brain.  This type of work-out for you mind can also be fun and rewarding, boosting your confidence as well.

o-HEALTHY-FOOD-facebookEat Smart

Diets low in sugar and fat and high in fiber and protein are the best for your brain.  Also, Omega-3 fatty acids found in many fish (and Moringa!) are great brain foods.  Omega-3s can protect our bodies from the effects of sugar.   Aim for a daily regimen of Moringa and fatty fish like salmon, tuna or cod at least once a week.

Use Mental Energy Wisely

Don’t waste your head space on unnecessary minutia.  If you force your brain to remember where you put your keys or glasses all the time, you won’t have the capacity or stamina to remember other things that are probably more important.  Instead, keep belongings where they go and write down dates, times and information so you can clear some space for the big stuff.

Sleep Well

Sleeping is important for overall good health and wellbeing because our bodies need to rest and reenergize.  That includes our brains.  Studies show that 7-9 hours of sleep are required for most adults to perform optimally.  Naps, even as short as six minutes, can also help improve memory by allowing the brain to briefly shut down and reboot.

moringa capsulesTake Brain-Boosting Supplements

We can’t always do it all; with our busy lives and many commitments, we can’t always focus on getting the best nutrition, daily exercise and enough sleep.  Supplements like all-natural Moringa can help fill in the gaps by giving you a nutrition and energy boost for your whole body, especially your brain.  When your nutrition is in balance, your body can power your brain to stay focused, be creative and solve problems.  Moringa is packed with the best vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to fuel the brain.

New Organic Flavored Moringa Teas

Moringa tea is the most invigorating and refreshing drink we know.  It’s hard to imagine how it could get any better, but we’ve figured out a way.  Moringa Source is thrilled to introduce four new flavors of our Organic Moringa tea:  Lemon, Earl Grey, Pomegranate and Chai.

The benefits of Moringa tea are seemingly endless.  Moringa Tea is actually a tisane that contains no caffeine but is bursting with nutrients that boost energy almost immediately.  Moringa is one of the most powerful and potent plants on Earth with over 90 phyto-nutrients our bodies crave.  When the body is supplied with all of the essential nutrition it needs, we can function at our best.  These include antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, protein and amino acids that protect our bodies against illness and disease, strengthen us physically and help us find emotional balance and improved cognition.

Moringa is perfectly formulated to provide natural energy because it combines just the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fiber.  Plus extra energy is derived from its high iron content, which oxygenates the blood, and lots of Vitamin C and potassium.  Drinking Moringa tea also ensures we’re consuming water throughout the day, which helps carry oxygen and nutrients to our cells.

So if you thought Moringa tea couldn’t get any better than that, think again!  We’re bringing the power-punch of Organic Moringa tea with the deliciousness of four new flavors.  While your body, brain, emotions and skin are enjoying the benefits of wholesome Moringa nutrients, your taste buds will be doing a happy dance too!

Moringa Tea Flavors

Check our new flavors:

Lemon:  Hot or cold, the zesty citrus flavor of Lemon Moringa Tea is just the thing you need to get your day started with a zing!  The sweet, crisp essence of lemon intensifies the natural nutty herbal flavor of the Moringa leaf.  In fact, tea drinkers have been adding lemon slices to their tea for centuries and now we’re putting it right in your Moringa tea bag.

Earl Grey:  Our Organic Earl Grey tea combines the best of the citrus fruits with Moringa for a refreshing take on a traditional blend.  Fragrant and slightly tangy, this tea goes well with steamed milk or a touch of vanilla.

Pomegranate:  Just one sip of the subtle sweetness of our Organic Moringa Pomegranate tea will have you begging for more.  The tropical fruit flavor and airy finish will refresh your spirit as if you were taking tea-time on a breezy beach.  Our pomegranate tea is rejuvenates the body, one cup at a time.

Chai:  Our Indian-spiced Organic Chai Moringa Tea blends top quality flavors and spices for a rich, smooth experience from the first time the cup touches your lips, to the last swallow.  Chai tea is fragrant and intensely warms the senses.  Add a drop of cocoa and milk for a decadent late-night beverage.

We hope you’ll join us in a round of our new Organic Flavored Moringa Teas. Cheers!