Jamaicans Embracing Moringa, Others Stripping and Cutting Local Moringa Trees

The island of Jamaica is no stranger to popular superfood. Jamaica has seen and profited from the popularization of noni juice, derived from the fruit of the noni tree.

More recently, however, Jamaicans around Montego Bay in the St. James area of Jamaica have ‘flocked’ to the Moringa oleifera tree, apparently after a lecturer gave a speech in the area praising the tree and complimenting the region for keeping moringa trees.

Since then, an enormous jump in interest has occurred throughout the population of North Jamaica, and even elsewhere, with Jamaicans traveling many miles to the area to get hold of moringa leaves.

The Jamaica Star quotes a local worker in Montego Bay as stating,

It’s crazy, they have chopped down many of the trees, some of them on the highway close to the airport. They say it has things in there that are able to hearl of give remedy to 300 ailments.

People who have purchased moringa leaves in Jamaica have been using them for tea and for eating as a cooked green with spinach.

Apparently the Moringa oleifera tree has also piqued the interest of the Jamaican government: the Scientific Research Council has recently issued a statement confirming their own research, and have also published a document in their own library called “The Miracle Tree”.

Jamaica is yet another of the many countries around the world which could benefit greatly from Moringa oleifera. Malnutrition, poverty, and drug-based agriculture are all rampant throughout the tropical island nation. And from this most recent report, Jamaicans are apparently wild about the benefits to be found in the leaves of the Moringa tree.

Let us hope that Jamaica embraces Moringa oleifera and uses it to better their own economic and nutritional status!

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