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Moringa – Supporting Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

SUGAR – It tastes so good!  But as they say, “everything in moderation.”  Our bodies need a certain amount of sugar to survive.  Unfortunately, with the inundation of junk food, overeating sugary foods is an all-too-common health mistake with potentially serious consequences.

Courtesy of Pre-Diabetes.comMaintaining a healthy diet, exercising and healthy living habits are vital to healthy blood sugar levels. 

When a healthy body consumes an appropriate amount of sugar, it is processed naturally.  That means it is used for energy to keep all systems functioning properly, and any excess is stored for fat.  When too many glucose molecules build up in the bloodstream and bodily organs, it can lead to chronic disease, obesity and other complications.

Diabetes is the result of high blood sugar when the pancreas cannot produce insulin (Type 1) or cells are not able to respond to insulin being produced (Type 2).  While some diabetes is genetic, Type 2 diabetes is caused by the over-consumption of sugar.

Here’s something you might not know:  Eating too little glucose can also cause problems.  When the body doesn’t have the sugar it needs to function, it starts burning lean muscle.  Often people who are dieting try to cut out sugar, but eliminating it altogether may not support weight loss at all.

It is essential to strive for balance.  

Striking that balance is easier when you have the right tools and mindset.  First, focus on nutrition.  Raw foods and whole foods like Moringa are an excellent source of nutrients.  These natural foods help the body feel satisfied from a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and other phyto-nutrients.  When the body feels full, you’ll be less likely to reach for unhealthy foods. Plus, Moringa actually contains a hearty dose of Vitamin D, which supports the pancreas in creating insulin, as well as a host of other vitamins that help combat diabetic conditions.

The over 90 bio-nutrients in Moringa also keep the body energized, making exercise and focusing on a healthier lifestyle much easier.  With just two Moringa capsules in the morning and at night, Moringa can keep you on track to balanced blood sugar and better health!